Who is Eleggua?

Eleggua is an Osha. First of the warriors next to Oggún, Oshosi and Osun. Eleggua is the first proteción, is the first that any aleyo or nascent one in the religion must consecrate. He represents the sight that follows a way. He is a ferocious warrior, when united with Oggun and Oshossi, nothing stops him. He is symbolized by rocks in the nature. He came to the Earth accompanying Obbatala, and he is the messenger of Olofin. He lives in most cases behind the door. He is the owner of the paths and the destiny. He is who closes or opens the astral ways for the happiness of the men. He is always taked into account to make anything. He is the doorman of the plains and the forrests.

Eleggua is a God or Osha that is crowned, goes to mat the day of itá of Osha and speaks by diloggún. The main sign of the Olosha is determined by its conversation and the sign of the angel of the guard. Also he is who interprets the main of the letters of the oracular system of diloggún and plays a fundamental roll in the oracle subsystems of Biangue or Aditoto. He is given by Babaloshas and Iyaloshas. He has been the unique one that has gone and returned of the world of Ará Onú. He gained sufficient privileges from Olofin, Obbatala and Orunmila to be first in being taken care of. His hand of snails is the greater, since it consists of 21, these are also the number of its ways. The oracle of the cocconuts (obi) belongs to him par excellence next to Obbatala.

His number is 3, his colors are red and black. Monday and the 3rd day of every month are their days. He is compared with the Young Saint of Atocha (January 1st).

He is greeted Laroyé Eleggua!

Eleggua's Family:

Son of Okuboro and Añagui, kings of the region of Egbá. His original name comes from the Yoruba Èsú Elègbará (messenger and prince of those who live in Egbá). Others says that he was son of Obbatalá and Yembó, brother of Shango, Oggun, Osun and Orunmila.

Eleggua and Diloggun:

He speaks in all the oddus as he owns them, but fundamentally he speaks in Oddi, Okana Sode and Ojuani Shobe.

Tools of Elegguá:

He dwells in any of these: one otá (stone), stone of shell, stone of reef, otá with load, snail cobo with load, a dry coconut or with mass with load. He is placed in a pot. His attributes are bells, a stick (cane) of guayaba, a mouse trap, coins, toys, small balls, whistles, matracas, hat of guano or straw, a maraca painted with its colors. His elekes (necklaces) are made of alternate black and red beads.

Eleggua tools of power:

The stick.

Suits of Eleggua:

Elegguá dresses in frock coat, small trousers and a red hat. The colors of these must combine in red and black. Some times, instead of being combined red and black stripes are used. All the suit, specially the cap, ornaments with small balls and shells.

Offerings to Eleggua:

Goats, roosters or chickens, chicks, jutías, black or red mice are immolated to him. Their taboo is the doves, because they debilitate him, except in some paths where he admits it. His ewes are abrecaminos, knows lesson, croto, carob tree, camphor, almacigo, watercress, basil, Chilean red pepper, red pepper guaoguao, poplar, atiponlá, almond, leg of hen, ceiba, curujey, chichicate, rattan guaro, jobo, peonía, peregún, wonder, pricks goad, scrapes language, siempreviva, rompesaragüey, verdolaga, prank, white, pendejera bramble, pinion earthenware pitcher, etc.

Dances of Eleggua:

When Eleggua comes down, he will run and will stand after the door. Then he will jump and contortion, he will make boyish faces and play like a children. Some of their movements can be very erotic. He will joke with the audience and will be able to disappear of the view to appear at the less awaited moment. A characteristic step is to stand in a foot and to circle quickly. A pothook will always be given to him, will use it to make mimics of opening a way through a dense vegetation. The other dancers will imitate their movements, individually or in groups.

Crowning Eleggua. Kari-Osha:

In order to crown this Osha, before one must have received the Orisha warriors. Then during the coronation, the Oshas and Orishas to receive are the following.

Elegguá, Oggún, Oshosi, Obbatalá, Oke, Yemayá, Ibeyis, Shangó, Ogué, Oshún and Oyá.

Paths of Eleggua:

  • Eleggua Abaile.
  • Eleggua Afrá.
  • Eleggua Agbanukué [Agbanuké].
  • Eleggua Akéru.
  • Eleggua Agongo Ogo.
  • Eleggua Akesan.
  • Eleggua Wing Him Ilú.
  • Eleggua Wing Lu Banshé.
  • Eleggua Alaroye Akokelebiyú.
  • Eleggua Añanki.
  • Eleggua Awó Bara.
  • Eleggua Elufé.
  • Eleggua Barakikeñerí.
  • Eleggua Bara Wing Asuayo [Lasuayo].
  • Eleggua Aggó Meyó.
  • Eleggua Biawooná.
  • Eleggua Eborikeke.
  • Eleggua Agüere Kikeño [Kinkeñe].
  • Eleggua Agatigaga.
Characteristics of the Omo Eleggua:

Intelligent and capable, but little scrupulous. They are talkative and they can sell until the impossible thing if they're allowed to speak. They like outsides and tend to change of couple frequently. They incline to the corruption, the mischief, the swindle and the intrigue, which ensures the success in their lifes.

Legend or Pataki of Eleggua:

Obí (the Cocconut) was pure, humble and simple, for that reason Olofin made white his skin, his heart and entrails and placed it at the top of a palm. Elegua, the messenger of the Gods, was to the service of Obí and soon he realized that Obi has changed.

One day Obí decided to make a great celebration and commanded Eleggua to invite all his friends. Eleggua knew them very well, knew that many of them were the most important people of the world, but the poor men, the sick and the deformed ones, were also his friends and decided to give him a lesson by inviting not only the rich ones.

The night of the celebration arrived and Obí, proud and arrogant, got dressed to receive its guests. Surprised and displeased he saw arrive at his celebration all the poor and sick. Indignant he asked to them:

- Who invited you?

- Eleggua invited us in your name - they answered to him.

Obí insulted them for being so bold to come to his house dressed in rags.

- You must leave here immediately - he shouted to them.

All left with sorrow and shame and Eleggua went with them.

A day, Olofin commanded Eleggua with a message for Obi.

- I refuse to serve Obi - Eleguá said. He has changed much, no longer he is friend of all the men. He is full of arrogance and he does not want to know about those who suffer on earth.

Olofin, to verify if this were certain, got dressed as a pauper and went to Obi's house.

- I need food and refuge - he requested him, faking a voice

- How you dare to show up in my pressence so ragged! - he yelled him.

Olofin without disguising the voice exclaimed:

- Obi, Obi.

Surprised and shamed, Obi knelt down before Olofin.

- Please, forgive me.

Olofin answered him:

- You were righteous and for that reason I made your heart white and I gave you a body worth of your heart. Now you are full of arrogance and pride. In order to punish your pride you will remain with the white entrails, but you will fall and roll by the earth until you are dirty. In addition you will have to serve to the Orishas and all the men. And for that day on Obi became servant of the Orisha and one of the more popular oracle.