Description of Olofi:

Olofi or Olofin is the third manifestation of Olodumare, of the Yoruba Òlófín (owner of the palace), its palace is the sky and its subdits the Orishas, Olofin is the one that is in indirect bonding with the men through the Orishas, is he who directs and supervises them his workings. Nothing can be obtained without its mediation. Olofi lives distant and not very often it lowers to the world like energy.

Olofin is the one that distributed ashé to each Orisha (its relation with the energies of the nature) and has the secrets of the creation. Olofin allowed Orunmila to come to earth like a prophet. Olorun make use of all Orishas, but to prevent death uses Osun. It is received in Ifá. The one that receives its foundation will not be able to do nothing without before taking care of it. His ashé and direct bonding with the men are reserved to few priests.

Legends or Patakis of Olofi.

When the world was inhabited only by the Orishas, men were created by Obbatalá. The men could travel from earth to sky without no obstacle. One day a couple ascended to Olofin's palace to request the ashé of procreate. After some thinking the maker agreed but with the condition that no children could trespass the limits of Layé (Earth). The marriage agreed.

Months later a boy was born, one that grewunder the monitoring of the parents who tolerated all his misschiefs. One day the boy secretly walked cross-country and arrived at the space of Orun, the Sky. There he made fun of the Orishas, it made all type of pranks, and disrespected all ones that asked him to behave.

Olofin that observed what happened, took his cane and it stroke it with so much force that Orun was separated of Layé and the atmosphere extended between both. From that day, the men lost the possibility of raise to the palace of the Creator.