The Orisha Warriors or Orisha Oddé are the first who must receive any initiate in the Yoruba religion. These only can be given by the priests of high hierarchy, denominated Oluwos or Babalawos. Although at the moment exists some spiritual houses that give Elegguás, compound only of coconuts or otás, is only the Eshu-Eleggua given by Babalawos the ones containing the load and the secret so this Orisha have his own path and exerts its fundamental function.

The cause of which the Orisha Oddé or Warriors can only be given by Babalawos is among others because in the time in which these were in the terrenal plane they were Babalawos. Elegguá is first and more important reason why only someone who knows the secrets Ifa can construct it and give it.

Preparation of the Orishas Warriors:

Eshu-Eleggua has many ways or paths (it is said about 201), a consultation with a Babalawo to find out which one corresponds is a must. Eleggua is prepared with a stone (ota) and yefá of Orunmila, plus the symbols and receptacles. After mixed these ingredients, they are cemented in form of human head and eyes and mouth are added to him like cauries (snails).

Upon the head it takes a parrot feather, among other secrets, finished off by the signature of Ifá. Then the Ossaín is made, this is the bath of grass and other substances where they are washed and be sacred. The 4 warriors are Eshu-Eleggua, Oggún, Oshosi and Osun. After the lavatory comes the inmolation of the animals. To Elegguá is offered rooster, to Oggún, Oshosi and Osun, doves. If Elegguá wishes to speak with the initiate through a ceremony of divination or Ita, then it is precise to immolate a quadruped animal to him (All the Orishas that speak in Ita must have immolated a quadruped animal. These sacrifices go accompanied of aguardiente, butter of corojo, honey of bees and candles.

Ceremony of delivery of the warriors.

In order to give to the warriors the aleyo or initiated kneels down opposed to his religion godfather. The padrino drops water saying:

Omi tuto, ile tuto, Tuto Laroye. Omo tutu (nombre del aleyo)
Elegba tuto, Oggun tuto, Oshosi tuto, Osun tuto. Ariku baba Wa.
Moyugba Olofin, mayugba Orun, ayugba iku embelese Olodumare.
Ase mi iyare, ase mi ya toba.
Ase mi oyubonacan, ase my oluwo and all ori s'iro oloshas, babaloshas that covers my ilé.
Igba e tonú bogbo elco de ara onú (mention the name of all the relatives passed away in religion and blood)

After finalized east prayer in Yoruba they give the Orisha Oddé, beginning by Elegua, and soon in this order Oggun, Oshosi and Osun. Soon the godson rises and greets to his godfather hitting itself respective opposed shoulders, blessing him.

Place in the house of the Warriors.

To enter the house a ceremony is needed, once in the house Elegua, Oggun and Oshosi are located in most of the cases behind the front door and Osun in a place upper than the head of the owner. It is important that Osun not be place where he can fall by accident, since this indicates that the life of its prote'ge' is in danger, in that case the godfather must be contacted quickly.

Attention to the Warriors.

In addition to the specifications of the godfather, that can have been in the case of Elegua, to put him whistles, and in the case of Oggun, nails or horseshoes, in general put to Elegua money and chucherias, caramels, etc. The soldiers are taken care of Mondays, a candle ignites to them and aguardiente from one's mouth is sprinkled to them. Also they are greased with butter of corojo, and offered jicaras or small glasses with coffee and water. The candle must be extinguished before leaving the house. While this is happening the warriors are asked for luck and wealth and health, is not advisable to request them for other person's hurt.