Description of Osun:

Osun is an Orisha of the group of the Orisha Oddé (warriors) with Eleguá, Oggún and Oshosi. He is one of the first Orishas that any initiated receives. Osun is an Orisha consecrated by an Awo ni Orunmila. Osun represents the ancestral spirit who is related genealogically to the individual and guides him. He is the watchman, the guardian. Osun along with Eleguá, Oggún and Oshosi symbolizes the ancestors of a specific individual.

He isn't crowned and in the case of being son of Ozun then the person receives Obbatalá. He doesn't has paths. One is received when Babalu Ayé is received, that has in the point a dog. Another one is received with Odduduwa, sized at the same size of the owner with a dove with extended wings at the point. Osun keeps a special relation with Orunmila. Orunla leans in Osun, being Osun his cane to obtain the powers of the divination and the real knowledge. This Orisha is not crowned.

Osun represents the vertical position of the human being on Earth, by no reason its foundation must lie down nor ease up while his possessor remains alive, if the one that has an Osun, passes away, Osun eases up and must go with his owner. When Osun staggers or falls is a symptom of that his owner is being attacked with witchcraft. Osun is the messenger of Obbatala and Olofin.

His number is the 8 and its multiples. Compares with St. Jhon Baptist (24 of June). He is greeted, Maferefún Osun.

Osun's Family.

Son of Obbatala and Yemú.

Tools of Osun:

He is represented by a silver-plated metal glass that in the superior part can have the figure of a small rooster and inside has a secret load. Its base is solid to maintain him vertical. He does not have attributes and has no necklace or hand of cauries.

His color is white, but he also represents all the colors, because Osun is also color, the painting that is made in the floor underneath the pylon in the seat of Osha is named Osun and the one that is made in the head of the Iyabó Osun Lerí.

Offerings to Osun:

He is offered Orí (cacao butter), Efún (husk) and Otí (aguardiente). To him are immolated doves and the warrior's animals in general, except rooster or chicken that are his taboo for being himself an akuko (rooster). Their Ewe is such of the other warriors as well as Obbatala's.

Crowning Osun. Kari-Osha:

In order to crown this Osha one has to receive before the Orisha Warriors, then during the Kari Osha the following Oshas and Orishas are receivede.

Osun of extension, Elegguá, Obbatalá, Oke, Yemayá, Shangó, Ogué, Oshún and Oyá.

Characteristics of the Omo Osun:

Similars to the Omo Obbatala, but more appeased, not as arrogant as these, on the contrary manageable and humble.